Boxing Day

Boxing Week is coming! And you know what that means?

Boxing Week bargains. Boxing Week shopping. Boxing Week deals to save on things you missed during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday shopping season. But it’s not all about finding a mattress for sale on the biggest holiday shopping day of the year.

Boxing Day, now a full week of awesomeness including some of the best mattress sales of the year, has a rich history full of interesting boxing day facts.

So get comfy on your new O Mattress™ from Omni Mattress™ and settle in as we tell you about Boxing Day and what makes it great.

In the Beginning There Was Boxing Day

Boxing Day, which takes place every December 26th, can trace its origins back to Saint Stephen’s Day, a religious holiday first celebrated in early Christianity to commemorate the first martyr. They celebrated it throughout Europe, but it was Boxing Day that became Saint Stephen’s Day’s more popular, secular cousin.

We can trace Boxing Day’s roots to Britain, going as far back as the 17th century. During that time, servants of rich nobility had to work serving their masters on Christmas. As a compensation, the masters would fill ‘Christmas boxes‘ full of goodies such as small gifts, food left over from the Christmas day meal, clothing, tools for their trade, and even money, which was a great boon to the servants and their families. They invented the first holiday bonus!

There’s also a competing theory that the first Boxing Day was all about charity. On Boxing Day, churches would put out Christmas boxes to collect alms for the poor. And why not? People knew Saint Stephen for his charity!

The Boxing Day Tradition Grows

Boxing Day grew to bring traditions of its own. Boxing Day wasn’t just a day to relax. Traditional fox hunts would take place and they held major sporting events.

As Britain grew into a superpower, some of their traditions went with them to the new world and all across the globe. Ireland had their Wren Day. Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Canada adopted Boxing Day as their own. Some countries use it as a good reason to catch the big game; cricket, rugby, and soccer are all popular to watch on Boxing Day. Some areas, like Africa and the Caribbean, take the Boxing Day name literally and schedule boxing matches.

So no, it’s not really about all the boxes you’ve torn apart and left behind on Christmas Day. Boxing Day has a long history and rich traditions, and Canada is no different.

Boxing Day in Canada

Boxing Day came with British immigrants. We later adopted Boxing Day as a holiday, but it was only statutory for government workers, banks, and the province of Ontario. For everyone else, it’s just a regular working day. Not that it stops people from taking the day off, staying in their soft, warm, memory foam mattress beds, sleeping in and catching future NHL stars compete in the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships, or catch the action during the Spengler Cup Hockey Tournament.

For everyone else in Canada, Boxing Day is one of the biggest sales days of the year. No time to rest when there are huge bargains waiting for you! Boxing Day is much like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and though recently they have taken the lead as the biggest shopping day of the year, Boxing Day is still in the top five. Most stores open on Boxing Day to sell off excess holiday stock while customers run from store to store hunting for the best bargains.

Boxing Day sales are popular in the UK and Australia too, but it’s Canada that elevated the Boxing Day sale to an art form. Did you know Canada invented Boxing Week? It’s true! Retailers came up with the Boxing Week concept in the mid-2000s to extend their Boxing Day bargains all week long to draw more sales crowds. It was also a way to help combat shopping south of the border. Canadian retail stores have to face huge competition from American stores due to low prices and a favourable currency exchange.

The way we at Omni Mattress™ see it why do you need to travel south for a discount mattress or fight the holiday crowds at your local Sleep Country when a Boxing Day Mattress Sale is reachable at the click of a mouse?

Mattress Omni Boxing Day Sale, Your Bed in a Box for Less

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Order your O Mattress™ bed in a box, direct to your door anywhere in Canada, and learn what sleep country really feels like!

And on behalf of Omni Mattress™, have a great Boxing Day and cheer on Team Canada for us!

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