When data protection is top priority.

Sometimes your data is worth more than the device itself. With this in mind, Omni-Lock provides the ability to locate your device, lock it, and delete sensitive files all from a remote location – Best of all this service is absolutely free and included with your Omni-Care Warranty!

LOCK ACCESS and Protect Your Information.

Possibly more important than your device itself is the information it contains. Sometimes you don’t know if your device has been misplaced, lost or stolen. The LOCK feature allows you to remotely freeze your device at the touch of a button. Just in case.

DELETE FILES and Prevent Identity Theft.

Recovering a device is never a sure thing. With identify theft on the rise your personal information can be hijacked with unimaginable consequences. Absolute Home & Office allows you to remotely and permanently delete sensitive files and personal information from your device, providing true digital peace of mind.

LOCATE YOUR DEVICE Regardless of its Global Location.

Whether you left your device at a local coffee spot or it was stolen from your car during an outing, business trip, or vacation, Absolute can help you locate its last known location. Using a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi and

Don’t Just Track Your Lost or Stolen Device. RECOVER IT.

Recovering a stolen device can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Absolute makes your digital life a lot easier by utilizing the only Investigations Team in the industry that works for you. Our track record of recovering over 50,000 devices in more than 120 countries means protecting your digital life just got a lot easier.

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