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With Extended Coverage, you can now go further than ever with your service. You’re covered in even more places across Canada at no extra charge (within the limits of your plan). Enjoy access to Extended Coverage by making sure data roaming is on in your device settings. On most devices, you’ll see EXT appear when using Extended Coverage.

Extended Coverage is available within Canada only and is meant for limited and occasional use. So, most of your monthly usage must occur on the chatr network.

Check out our coverage map to make sure you’re connected. Search for a location or postal code to get information about our network coverage.

Nation-wide coverage

Stay connected with a network that’s got you covered from coast-to-coast.

Extended coverage

Go even further in Canada with Chatr’s Extended Network Coverage.

This map is a general representation of wireless coverage. Areas shown are approximate. Actual coverage area may vary from map graphics. Reception may be affected by various factors, including network system availability and capacity, customer equipment, signal strength, topography and environmental conditions.

Extended Coverage is available to select chatr customers with a compatible device and with data roaming enabled (for access to data services). Extended Coverage is meant for limited and occasional use. When using Extended Coverage, certain services or features aren’t available or may have limited functionality. Extended Coverage may be available when devices leave the geographical areas of coverage of the chatr network. Devices may also connect to Extended Coverage within areas covered by the chatr network, including in major urban centres.

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