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Omni Mattress pays tribute to pioneers in the retail mattress industry.

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The History of Memory Foam Mattress Canada 

Looking for a sleep country near me? Sleep Country Canada mattress store began as a partnership between founders Christine Magee, Stephen K. Gunn and Gordon Lownds back in 1994. Their goal was to establish a chain of affordable sleep country mattress stores in the west coast Canadian market, remaining committed to providing Canadians with a better night’s sleep.

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Working at a fast pace like a veritable sleep factory, they established their first Sleep Country locations in Vancouver, BC in 1995. Sleep Country Canada showed explosive growth in its first few years of existence. By 1996, Sleep Country expanded to Toronto with 19 stores. By 2001 they had established 72 Sleep Country Stores. Today, Sleep Country has grown to over 235 stores nationwide from coast to coast. In 2006, Dormez-Vous Sleep Centres Inc. of Montreal was bought out by Sleep Country. On the same year Sleep Country mattresses also expanded into the United States by buying Sleep America, Inc. Their sleep country flyer slogan, radio and tv commercial jingle, ‘Why Buy a Mattress Anywhere Else?’ has become synonymous with the mattress retail chain and as memorable as ‘What’s Your Sleep Number’ of Sleep Number Bed frame. Mattress stores near me

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By 2008, Sleep Country Canada was doing so well that Toronto-based investment firms Birch Hill Equity Partners Management Inc. and Westerkirk Capital Inc. offered $356 million for a friendly takeover bid. Sleep Country accepted. 

Sleep Country in Victoria?  Sleep Country in Winnipeg?  Nearest Sleep Country in Edmonton?  Why not try the “O” Mattress mattress and have us deliver it right to your door with fast Free Shipping.

In 2015, Sleep Country hit a huge landmark by being offered on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ‘ZZZ’.

Sleep Country is considered a  high/low mattress retailer, in that a Sleep Country mattress comes in a variety of styles from  from a wide variety of ranges, styles, quality and price, from a toddler bed Canada made to a double bed frame. Also offering sleep country pillows, sleep country bed frames, and bedding, Sleep Country Canada considers itself one stop shopping for all things sleep. They consider the variety of products in their Sleep Country stores to be a strength, boasting a better variety of mattresses than its competitors Mattress Mattress or Mattress Mart. Products were consistent, you could go to Sleep Country Winnipeg, Sleep Country Edmonton, Sleep Country Regina, and Sleep Country Toronto and find consistent Sleep Country beds. Matres stores

Sleep Country also boasts a wide variety of mattresses from such as Sealy, Serta, Kingsdown, Tempur-Pedic, Kingsdown and other brands from a well known mattress factory.

By 2017. Sleep Country has also shown its ability to adapt to mattress buyer’s changing tastes. With the advent of the online furniture Canada made market, stores such as Casper, Endy, Novosbed, The O Mattress and Purple, Sleep Country came out with its own brand of memory foam mattress called Bloom by Sleep Country.  Like its online e-commerce competition, Bloom is sold through Sleep Country’s website and offers a trial period, but unlike their competitors the Bloom mattress can be brought back to any Sleep Country store and exchanged for a different mattress. Mattress shops

Sleep Country in Regina?  Sleep Country in Saskatoon?  Nearest Sleep Country in Toronto?  Why not try the “O” Mattress mattress and have us deliver it right to your door with fast Free Shipping.

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Sleep Country Canada is a homegrown Canadian made success in the mattress industry. Started nearly 25 years ago  from practically nothing and growing to become a fixture of the Canadian mattress retail landscape, Sleep Country now holds the biggest share of the Canadian mattress market at over 25%. That’s beating out competition like Mattress Mattress, Casper ca, their success paved the way for companies like Mattress Omni to follow.  Mattress Omni is not affiliated or owned by Sleep Country Canada.  If you have reached this page in error please go to Sleep Country Login.  Sleepcountry.ca

Omni Mattress believes that a customer should check out both mattress stores and online mattress stores to find the best mattress.  Many thousands of Canadians are choosing the Omni Mattress “O” Mattress mattress for the best sleep, or to improve their back pain or simply want a cool mattress.  At this moment Sleep Country Canada does not sell the “O” Mattress mattress.  If you were interested in buying the luxury memory foam mattress that is made in Canada, please click on the link below and check out our online mattress sale.

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If you have reached this page in error and were searching to buy a mattress online with Sleep Country or looking for other store information or store locations on Sleep Country Canada please redirect to their website at www.sleepcountry.ca 

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