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Mattresses evolution

The first mattress was found in a place in South Africa and had a dimension of about three feet by six feet. it had been about an in. thick and made with alternating layers of reeds. Bedding consisted of leaves and grass, the users added plants as natural repellents for insects.

ancient human beings who lived centuries ago were smaller and more chimp-like slept on trees to protect themselves against predators. Once hominids discovered fire, they were able to sleep at ground level, using fire to guard them from predators.

As humans evolved, mattress also evolved”. Some communities raised their mattresses far away from the ground level. Ancient Egyptians made wood structures to protect themselves against pests and snakes. an alternative was to use ebony made beds. The mattress consisted of wool and linen. Some even had pillows made from stone.


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Romans also placed their beddings away from the ground using ladders to get to them. Some Romans made their beds using metal or ivory. They supported their mattresses using ropes. Commonly a mattress was filled with hay, as opposed to the wealthier who used feathers. Beds were used to socialize and dining in addition to sleeping.
Greeks considered comfort to be a high priority. They built Klines, which looked like couches, they used them to eat, rest and sleep. Some of their mattresses were used for decorative purposes.
Countries like Japan, Korea and China stayed on the floor. They used the floor because it stayed warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A common mattress consisted of clay heated to keep the user warm.

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A mattress nowadays is made of memory foam, a material first invented by NASA in the ’70s. This material was intended to provide crash protection for airlines because it can compress and returning it to its original shape. In 1980, NASA revealed the technology and made it available to the public. The first memory foam mattress appeared in the market in 1991. The memory foam was also used in hospitals to help patients with back pain.
Mattress’ sizes changed over time. In the olden days, one mattress was shared by two or three people. Family and friends were sharing the same mattress. Mattresses in ancient countries like Egypt, Greece and Rome were smaller, more like the size of today’s twin bed. Commonly a whole family would sleep in one bedroom because they could not afford to heat all rooms. The 18th century, big beds were attributed to wealthy, the rich class was using the big beds, due to social stratification, different classes were using different beds. Many rich individuals used their bedrooms for ceremonial gatherings.
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