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“Like the a Bloom Mattress? You will love the “O” Mattress mattress”

The best time of the year to enjoy mattresses in Canada is spring. The O Mattress team loves to enjoy the outdoors and to see the country in bloom. When the country is in bloom mattress experts say that spring is the best time to replace your old mattress. So check out the O Mattress mattress!

Every layer of our Memory Foam mattress is CertiPur-US certified. It’s the best, affordable, and comfortable option for a good night’s sleep.It is also best mattress for back pain and neck issues.

Our Omni-cool technology helps cool down the mattress, so you’ll get a night of healthy sleep every night. Don’t wait until spring is in bloom!

Starting at $9.99 a week and free shipping, you can own our high-tech Canadian mattress and improve your sleep.

We have a variety mattresses similar to the bloom mattress sizes and options offered by Sleep Country: Looking to buy a Bloom Mattress? Try the “O” Mattress mattress instead!

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