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Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get Canada’s best memory foam mattress.

So, you’re a Canadian shopper looking to find an amazing new mattress. You’ve figured out your preferences, done some research online and have partially settled on what you hope will be the bed of your dreams! Easy, right? Well, not always.

In your search, you’ve probably learnt that a lot of bed-in-a-box retailers are located in the United States and unfortunately don’t ship their mattresses outside the country, which can be particularly frustrating for those of us just across the border in search of the perfect mattress in a box Canada.

But never fear! In the past few years, a handful of excellent Canadian mattress companies have heard your call and set up shop up north to bring some much-needed comfort to sleepers in Canada, and none are better quality than Mattress Omni’s “O” Mattress™ Mattress!

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Check out our amazing deals and find out why thousands of Canadians are choosing Mattress Omni, the best buy mattress for all their sleeping needs. We specialize if high end memory foam mattresses that are sure to improve your quality of sleep.

Canadian residents often receive low shipping costs and other customer perks when they order from Canadian based manufacturers, rather than U.S. based companies, and here at Mattress Omni our shipping is absolutely free!

Of course, the best mattress for you doesn’t depend solely on price and free shipping, or where it was made. Other important considerations include the mattress’s material composition, firmness, temperature neutrality, conforming ability, and pain/pressure relief. Canadian shoppers should use their height, weight, preferred sleep position, and other individual factors to find the mattress that’s best for them and at Mattress Omni we have the ideal mattress for all body and sleeping types.

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