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The Science of Structure: Is Foam or Spring Mattress Better?

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The Science of Structure: Is Foam or Spring Mattress Better?

Picture if you will your old innerspring mattress. Over a century old technology, wire, wood, and quilt, holding you up as you sleep. Though the innerspring mattress was a drastic improvement over feathers, hair, and hay, its not perfect. The springs pinch and cause pressure points, or sag and don’t support your body weight. Why does an innerspring mattress fail? It’s all about mattress structure.

One of the unsung good qualities of a memory foam mattress is in its structure. Your O Mattress™ delivers the ultimate in comfort, but it’s more than the memory foam which guarantees a good night’s sleep. It’s how you put it all together! So what in a mattress structure makes it work better than traditional mattresses? Let’s find out!

The Structure (and Limits) of Innerspring Mattresses

What is an innerspring mattress? And how is it made? An innerspring mattress can vary in different styles of construction but the basic principle of an innerspring mattress is it uses metal coil springs to support the body while you sleep. Derived from upholstery coils used in furniture and horse-drawn carriage seats, the innerspring was adapted for mattresses, replacing traditional materials like feathers, hair, and plants. Metal wire is wound up into coils and meshed together, then covered with a protective fabric layer, and presto! The innerspring mattress is born!

Innerspring mattresses used different kinds of designs, from continuous coil designs to hourglass coils to pocket coils, where the coils are individually wrapped in fabric. However refined, the technology hasn’t changed much since their introduction in the late 19th century, and with it the same disadvantages.

The coils can poke you. Your muscles and joints feel the pressure of coils, making your sleep uncomfortable. Mattress coils eventually wear out, leaving you with a saggy mattress unable to support your weight and keep your spine straight. After five years, your mattress is ready to retire. And innerspring mattresses are bulky, as anyone on moving day will tell you!

Mattress makers try to keep innerspring mattresses relevant by using memory foam, making hybrid mattresses, but we think it’s time to move on from 19th century technology and move to the space age.

mattress structure

Memory Foam Mattress Structure

We at Omni Mattress™ already sung NASA’s praises for inventing memory foam, the amazing plush material used in sports equipment, medical beds, and seat padding for years. Before you buy foam, know it took awhile to perfect memory foam mattresses, because it’s not just the mattress material, it’s how it’s all put together!

Many memory foam mattresses use multiple layers of memory foam with different density, thickness and cooling properties to find the right amount of comfort. A standard memory foam mattress uses three layers. It took many years of trial and error to get the right balance, and it’s all in our O Mattress™!

The first layer, a comfort layer, is a cooling layer of gel-infused memory foam to offset memory foam’s tendency to build up heat. When your mattress is cool you don’t toss and turn trying to find the cool spot. O Mattress uses our OmniCool™ technology keep you cool and conform to your body and the way you sleep.

The second layer, a support layer meant to provide the proper support to your body, uses a thicker, more dense layer of memory foam, and is the layer that works to keep your spine aligned and your muscles and joints free of painful pressure. Not only does O Mattress™ OmniEvolution™ luxury memory foam provide the support you need, it has the right amount of spring you expect from a traditional mattress.

The last layer, the foundation, is the thickest, densest layer of the memory foam mattress. The foundation layer needs to be thick to hold the mattress up, and reduce the tossing and turning that comes with too much mattress movement. OmniFoundation™ compression memory foam in the O Mattress™ serves this purpose. It’s also strong along the edges. This edge support means you won’t get a sinking feeling every time you sit on the edge of your bed.

A single layer alone isn’t enough for the best mattress Canada has to offer. All three layers work together for the best night’s sleep, and all wrapped in a quilted O Mattress™ breathable cover.

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

What is the Best Mattress to Buy? The O Mattress™ From Omni Mattress™!

What mattress do five star hotels use? Many use traditional innerspring mattresses that are no better than the ones you get at home, but the very best are adopting hybrid mattresses or memory foam mattresses for their guests. Don’t you want the same quality mattress as the best hotels?

O Mattress™ delivers and more, thanks to the perfect balance of memory foam layers, advanced technology, and mattress financing so you can have the very best in sleep comfort! Apply now and get approved for your O Mattress™ with O Powerline™ financing!

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