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Looking For A Pillow That Is Right For You?

Finding the right pillow for you is essential to your sleep. It’s a matter of what kind of support you need! If a traditional head pillow isn’t giving you the right amount of comfort, consider these options.

A neck pillow, or travel pillow, cradles and supports the neck. Good if you nap in a sitting position.

For sleep apnea, a CPAP pillow allows you the comfort you need and accommodate the cords and tubes hooked up to your CPAP machine.

The body pillow is, as the name implies, body length, and is used to cuddle or spoon against. The body pillow is good for legs, hips, and lower back support.

There is the bolster pillow, a long and narrow pillow the width of a standard bed, for those who can’t help but toss and turn.

But sometimes just a classic head pillow will do, and they come in a variety of styles and materials.


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Not all pillows are created the same. Some are made with cotton or feathers, others are moulded from space-age memory foam material. Different materials give you a different sleep experience. Which pillow is right for you?

Down pillows and feather pillows use soft fibres or feathers from birds such as geese, ducks, and swans. Great for insulation and softness, but not the best for allergies. There are down synthetics, usually made from fluffy pieces of polyester for a hypoallergenic option.

Latex pillows are soft, supportive, and contoured to support the neck and back of the head. Latex pillows degrade over time, and trigger latex allergies.

A buckwheat pillow breathes well, is hypoallergenic, and mold to your neck and head. However, they are heavy and make noise when you move around. For a quieter option, try a microbead pillow. You get the same contouring, coolness, and comfort. The downside? Microbeads are not good for the environment.

Cotton is popular for mattress covers, but not as common as a pillow stuffing material. It may be breathable and hypoallergenic, but attract allergens, dust mites, and mould. Wool pillows are a better anti-microbial and anti-bacterial option, but they absorb odours and are dry clean only.

Memory foam pillows offer great support and pain relief, as the contours are excellent for those with health issues, and have great durability! For cool comfort, a gel memory foam pillow that keeps you chill all night long. No fluffing required!

Pair Your Pillow With Our O Mattress™

Whatever pillow you choose, pair it with the best mattress for comfort. The O Mattress™ has three layers of memory foam for a cool, comfortable, supportive sleep.

Your bed needs several elements for a good night’s sleep. You need your mattress topper special made for your back (unless you have our O Mattress, no mattress topper needed!), your bedsheet, your blanket or duvet cover, and your mattress. What about your pillow? I know with my pillow Canada’s climate is a factor. We need our pillows cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

I know when I choose my mattress Canada made was an important. The O Mattress™ is 100% Canadian, with free shipping right to your door! With mattress financing on our O Powerline™ anyone in Canada can own a premium memory foam mattress. Get approved and shop now for your next mattress.


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