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Valentine’s Day Mattress for Lovers

You have a plan for your perfect Valentine’s Day. Dinner reservations, champagne on ice, a box of chocolates, a slinky little something, the lights are low and Barry White on your speaker. It’s Valentine’s Day, and Valentine’s Night is the night for love!

The only thing missing on your night of lovin’ is a good mattress.

Seriously, nothing’s a mood killer as much as a worn-out innerspring mattress with sagging indents. Or with springs that pop out and poke or don’t support your weight. Maybe the mattress is so full of dust and dust mites it triggers your allergies. Or worse yet, there is a funky smell that just won’t go away.

No number of rose petals and silk sheets will gloss over the lameness of a nasty, dirty old mattress. No partner wants to sleep on that! Total deal breaker.

When your innerspring mattress (colchon) has lost that lovin’ feeling, Mattress Omni is there to catch you on the rebound! If your mattress is letting you down in the love department, you need a replacement quick! Canada’s a nation of lovers, and we demand a mattress to keep up and stay strong even in the most vigorous of bedtime gymnastics. So get going because the O Mattress from Mattress Omni is Canada’s mattress for lovers (and we’ll tell you why!).

What Covers it Up as You Get Down

Appearances aren’t everything, but we are certain the O Mattress is a looker just by the quality of the outer cover.

The O Mattress’s quilted mattress (matelas) cover is a breathable, plush, and removable protective cover to wick away moisture and give cool comfort while you sleep. It’s a hypoallergenic surface that dust mites and allergens hate like a bad ex. So not only will you sleep cool, but you’ll be more comfortable without triggered allergies.

Know what’s best of all?! You can unzip and undress your mattress and put your removable cover in your washer and dryer! Being a mattress for lovers is dirty work, and it feels nice to clean up after a little fun in the sack.

Coolest Mattress Around

The first layer of your O Mattress is the coolest layer of all. With the OmniCool cooling gel memory foam mattress layer, body heat dissipates while you sleep. Even when it’s enough body heat for two! Gel-infused foam solves memory foam mattresses holding body heat, making it even more comfortable than a high-priced innerspring mattress.

Don’t worry if things get heated! This cool customer
will keep you cool and comfortable as you Netflix and chill with your special someone this Valentine’s Day.

No Springs to Squeak? No problem!

A common concern for couples who want a mattress for fun is whether it has the right amount of bounce and springiness. Because let’s be honest, love’s much more fun when you’ve got that spring in your mattress. And that’s been a common problem with memory-foam mattresses. Some mattresses ain’t got that spring!

Not so with the O Mattress from Mattress Omni! We knew a mattress for love needs that bounce, so we put in OmniEvolution luxury memory foam. The OmniEvolution layer forms to your body to give you support where you need it (making it perfect for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, any sleepers). It’s great for absorbing movement too. Which handy when you and your partner both move around in your sleep and don’t want to disturb each other.

A Strong Foundation for a Strong Relationship

Like your relationship with your lover, you need a strong foundation. Luckily, the O Mattress comes with the perfect foundation for you; firm yet pliable.

The OmniFoundation compression foam, a full six inches of firm, resilient memory foam, is there to support you through thick and thin. OmniFoundation foam acts as your support. While the upper layers mold and cradle to you, the OmniFoundation layer gives you the right amount of firm support so you don’t get that sinking feeling. Every relationship should have a solid supporting foundation, right?

Your Place or Mine this Valentine’s Day?

Celebrate Valentine's day this year being comfortable

You don’t have to ask anymore because your O Mattress will come to you! The O Mattress ships from our Toronto factory (Because we all know being born Canadian makes you loveable!), to anywhere in Canada. And in a cute little box the size of a mini-fridge, which is ready to unfurl to full size and be ready and willing for you in minutes. Let’s see your Sleep Country mattress (gadda) do that! That is if you’re still not untying it off the roof of your car!

Yours Forever and Always

A mattress that’s fun for one or true for two is always great. But we know you want your mattress for a long-term relationship. That’s why we cover the O Mattress in an industry leading 20-year limited warranty. A relationship this good is worth keeping together. We at Mattress Omni are confident your relationship with your O Mattress will work. Why else would we guarantee it for 20 years?

Real-life marriages don’t last that long very often!

Avoiding the Fear of Rejection

Some people don’t want to jump into a new relationship with a brand-new memory-foam mattress. It’s not the fear of commitment, it’s the fear of a price tag. Especially when you struggle with bad credit or no credit! That’s why we at Mattress Omni have guaranteed approval for all our mattress types, from our diminutive twin size to our great king-size mattress.

So, whether you’ve got a night for lovin’ planned For Valentine’s Day this year, or you’re celebrating Singles Appreciation Day, know Mattress Omni is for lovers and lovers at heart.



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